FBG fiber optic sensors

The technology innovation in a new generation of SHM sensors.

 Fiber Bragg Grating sensors have outstanding advantages against the traditional devices, such as:

  • the superior measurement performances of a wavelength-encoded signal whose accuracy and stability cannot be compromised by bad connections or even km-long cables;
  • the intrinsically safe behaviour in high-voltage, lightning risk, flammable or explosion proof (ATEX) applications;
  • the immunity to interferences even in the strongest electro-magnetic fields such as those of RADAR transmitters, microwave ovens, and NMR superconductive magnets;
  • the minimal invasiveness of almost invisible sensor for monitoring cracks and temperature on museum artworks, statues, terracotta and fresco paintings without damaging the substrate and disturbing the visitors.



Sestosensor's FBG products have been successfully used in many monitoring installations for bridges, tunnels and buildings, as well as in special applications such as industrial facilities and even museum artefacts such as the statue of David from Michelangelo in Florence (Italy).

Sestosensor SmartFOX: the new leading edge FBG interrogator unit.

Sestosensor's SmartFOX FBG interrogation systems are especially designed to fulfil the requirements of a monitoring application and feature a touch-screen web-based controller that can be directly connected to Internet using the WiFi network ,a 3G cell-phone modem or the embedded Ethernet interface. Automatic datalog, enhanced sensor diagnostics and remote control are the key points that allow to save the time and the costs of system integration and gain the advantages of a flexible and complete solution.